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'My personal favourite, the addictive Late Night Fig. Which gives off the aroma of an expensive hotel lobby.'

- Lauren Murdoch-Smith, British Vogue

'This candle [Sunday Papers] brings a warm feeling into our home!'

- Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl, Fashion Influencers

'Incredible, this fig is amazing. Burns beautifully!'

- Adam Reed, Adam Reed London

'So gorgeous!'

- Jane Larkworthy, The Cut

'Just absolutely incredible!'

- Jessica Matlin, Harpers Bazaar US

'The scents are clean, modern and very addictive. I'm a fan.'

- Amanda Carr, We Wear Perfume

'Gorgeous & vegan'

- Lisa Potter-Dixon, Makeup Artist


- Manuel De Santaren, Interior Designer

'Gorgeous candle, smells incredible!'

- Nicki Bamford-Bowes, Interior Designer 

'Stunning Balearic Isle candle!'

- Nicola Lewis, @thisgirlcanorganise 

'Smells absolutely divine!'

- Claire Totman, Interior Designer 

'Smells like summer in a jar! My living room smells like a beach!'

- Briony, @agirlastyle

'One of the only candles that makes our large open plan living space smell gorgeous!'

- Jo Milton, Interior Designer 

'Absolutely amazing'

- Nicola Londors, Beauty Influencer

'Beautiful, the branding is lovely'

- Laura Butler-Madden, Interior Designer 

'Favourite candle brand'

- Aitana López de Carrión, Fragrance Expert

'Exciting fragrance brand'

- Adrienne, @thesundaygirluk


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